Straws from rye straw

Praha We-Straw brčka ze slámy, slámky, ekologické žitné stéblo

We-Straw is made from rye straw, which is 100% degradable. We wish to improve the environment and not to pollute the planet with unnecessary plastic straws.
We-Straw is natural, organic, disposable, sterilized, certified and compostable.
Do not contain gluten.

The length of straws is about 21 cm. Due to the natural aspect of the rye, which has knees, we can not produce longer straws. The thickness or radius of We-Straw is between 3 - 6 mm depending on how nature created it. Each straw is an original natural piece. This beauty is what we try to inspire and show that machine-made plastic straws in our drinks have nothing to do. Every drink will be a unique and unforgettable pleasure from now!

Another advantage is that it does not get soggy even after many hours. We believe that the ecological impact of plastics can be mitigated while still looking stylish and improving our environment.

Ecosuck it with us! Say no to plastic straws! Only a global change will help!

We are ready to change sucking in Europe!

We-Straw financially support the program "Protecting sea turtles"

Porovnání brček


We-Straw is certified and it is suitable for contact with beverages and food.


Straws are totally biodegradable so you can throw it to compost like grass, leaves or apples.

Coffee, restaurant or bar

All companies and businesses can change the plastic straw for our 100% natural We-Straw.


Rye straw is by-product when harvest. We do not produce new stuff, we only process what has already grown.

Gluten free

We-Straw is tested on gluten which is NOT there, so everybody can suck safely.

Do not get soggy

Even after a few hours the straw has still its own shape. It is also temperature-resistant.

No plastics

We are trying to minimalize the waste, so in our packing there is now Plastic.

We support

Financial support of a program which saves sea turtles. Thanks Hanka Svobodová for what she does!

We Inspire

Even one straw can improve our world. If everybody says that, we will manage it. #WeChangeStraw
Praha We-Straw brčka ze slámy, slámky, ekologické žitné stéblo


Everything you would like to know.

Can I use We-Straw more times?

We-Straw is intended primarily for single use. This is desirable in cafes, restaurants and bars. However, for you, who wants to buy it home, you can certainly try to use it multiple times.

Do you have a shop in Prague?

YES! The place is called ZMRZLINÁRNA BRANÍK. We have there the 50pcs packs. If you want to buy the bigger 500pcs pack. Pleas text us an email: david@we-straw.com

What packaging do you have?

We have two types of box. First smaller 50pcs pack, ideal for families, celebrations, weddings or as a present. Second pack with 500pcs is ideal for businesses like restaurant, cafes, bar, bistro or festival.

My We-Straw is slightly cracked..

In this jaw-dropping and breath-taking moment keep calm and carefully turn the straw upside down. Then you can continue to enjoy eco-sucking.

What side of the We-Straw should I suck?

Maybe it can sound trivially but each straw has its own shape and size, so choose the wider and stiffer side and suck with that.

Will I feel difference between We-Straw and plastic s****?

Surprisingly, sucking is the same. Twice sterilized We-Straw do not influence the taste of drink. Radius of the We-Straw is a little bit smaller so you will have your gulp in your mounth in 0,21s instead of 0,14s with the plastic s****. Tested by our PST (Professional sucking team)

Is We-Straw gluten-free?


I want to buy We-Straw to my country.

We are going to be pretty delighted if you would like to start cooperation with us in your country. Let's go to find solution. Text us -> david@we-straw.com

Where do you harvest it?

We are trying to make it local and harvest it in Czech anyway now the fields with rye straws are poor and not ready so we harvest it in South-East Asia, so we have the ability to distribute hundreds of thousands of We-Straw.